High Ping

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High Ping PCCOE E-Sports Event
1) Valorant Tournament
2) BGMI Tournament


Registration Page :

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Note :

1. Each team should consist of 5 people for Valorant and 4 people for BGMI.
2. Leader of each team will be primary person of contact.
3. Usernames and Team names should not contain Vulgarities.
4. External gaming accessories like triggers are not allowed.
5. No abuse of any kind will be tolerated.
6. Any kind of malpractices will result in disqualification of team.
7. Registration fee is not refundable.
8. On-Spot Entries are not acceptable.
9. Qualifying rounds will take place in online mode, Semi-final and Final matches will be conducted offline in our college campus.

Registration Fee:

1. Valorant – Rs 500 per team
2. BGMI – Rs 400 per team