Electrica '24

brought to you by AS&H, PCCOE


Embark on an entertaining journey that blends exploring basic and fun electronics with an enjoyable twist!
Play real-life snake and ladders in our Circuit Safari game for an unforgettable and fun-filled experience!


Registration Page :

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Rules of Electrica :

This event is going to be team-based.
A team should have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 members
Entry fee: Rs 100/- per person
Total 4 rounds


Note :

• Event will be team-based (Each team can have a minimum of 2 members and maximum of 3)
• Event will be divided into 3 rounds.
• Scientific Calculators are allowed for the first round of the event.
• Participants will have to carry their own stationary (Calculators, pens, etc).
• Personal computers, electronic/electrical components are not allowed for use during the event.
• The use of A.I. chatbots like ChatGPT is strictly prohibited.
• Participants are not allowed to use mobile phones, smartwatches, or any other electronic devices.
• Participants will be strictly monitored, and volunteers will be available to provide assistance if necessary.
• Each round will have a specified time limit that participants must adhere to.
• The final decision will be based on computerized results and made by the event coordinators.
• The decision of the event coordinators is final and binding, not subject to contestation.
• The organizers reserve the right to change or update the contest rules, and participants are responsible for staying informed.
• Violation of any rule may result in immediate disqualification.
• All the participants must return the electronic components provided to them after the event
• The team would be held responsible for any damage caused to electrical components due to mishandling or carelessness, and would be required to pay a fine.
• Spot entries will be accepted until the team registration limit is reached.